Pool Closings

Service & Maintenance

We can help bring your pool season to a close with ease.

When it is time to put your pool to rest for the winter, call us to have it professionally closed. This will ensure you will not experience any problems, such as frozen pipes and equipment malfunction in the spring.

Refer a friend and you’ll receive a $50 credit toward your closing costs!

You can pro-actively order your winter covers now, and be sure to ask us about upgrading to a safety cover.

*Extra charges apply for pools with excessive debris


Full Closing

plus tax & chemicals
  • Includes: Vacuum; lower water level to appropriate height; winterize equipment and plumbing; install cover.
  • Add ons: For attached spa please add $75 + tax; For water features add $35 + tax; For second winter cover add $125 +tax; For detached hot tub see "Hot Tub" pricing.
  • Please chemically balance water one week prior to any closing.
  • Pools should be well maintained – extra charges apply for excessive debris removal at closing.

Partial Close

Equipment Only

plus tax & chemicals
  • Owner is responsible for the installation of winter cover and lowering water level. Includes: Winterize equipment and plumbing.

Hot Tub

plus tax & chemicals
  • When spa is separate from main pool. Includes: Drain and winterize.

Cleaning services

Cartridge Filter

plus tax
  • Cleaned and stored

Salt Cell

plus tax
  • Cleaned and stored
  • $58 +tax for on-site clean

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