Full Opening Price
Full – single visit $400 + tax & chemicals
Full plus start up vacuum – two visit $505 + tax & chemicals

Included in both opening:

  • Pump water and debris off winter cover and remove
  • Safety Covers: special heavy-debris vacuum included
  • Wash pool perimeter; winter cover and waterbags
  • Clean waterline and coping. Reinstall all deck equipment and fittings
  • Reassemble pool equipment and start up pool
  • Chemical restoration of water

Two-visit opening also includes:

  • Second visit when pool is full and clear (1-3 days after first visit)
  • Thorough cleaning of settled fine debris in pool
  • Chemical balancing to swim levels

Add ons:

For attached spa please add $75 + tax

For water features add $35 + tax

For second winter cover add $100 +tax

A note about heater pilot lights:

Pilot lights on heaters are not extinguished at closing and will remain lit under normal circumstances. As per current regulations, our licensed gas fitter will need to book a

Heater Tune up and Light service $130 + tax

if the pilot light needs to be reset – if no cleaning or simply repairs are needed the visit will be downgraded to a Light Only and discounted to $115 + tax

To see more photos, please see our gallery

Equipment Only Price
Equipment Only $205 + tax & chemicals
  • No Cleaning
  • Cover removal responsibility of owner
  • Pool must be full (water halfway up the skimmers)

*Above prices: for ‘out of area’ add $50