Opening season and social distancing protocols

As of today, our teams will be available to begin the process of opening pools for the season. With your help, our employees can continue to provide service and protect their safety and that of our customers and families.

We ask that you do not approach CCPS Ltd team members when they are in your back yard. Leave notes or send message through Katie in the office if necessary. As always, the on-site team members will not accept any payments directly. We appreciate your patience as we adapt to the current reality – we are all in this together!

Booking – timing and government shut downs

While we are optimistic about our community’s ability to overcome this crisis, given the fluid nature of Government legislation and shut down orders, we advise that you consider opening your pool in the coming days.

During the colder weather the pool can be circulated and not heated (liquid chlorine added as needed later).

Please check back regularly for updates.

The swimming season is almost here – let us prepare your pool for a wonderful summer!


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